The Beauty of Her Ass

If I had to describe her curves, diving or delicious come to mind.  Lying on her stomach upon the bed, I memorized her beauty.  Every crevasse, dip, and curve, I soaked it all up.  The rhythmic motions of her breathing completed the feast upon my eyes.  The sheet barely covering her ass, I moved my sights down her back, and admired the smooth leg protruding out.  Divine, indeed.

Without realizing it, I rubbed myself, feeling the building passion start to rage.  The erection growing quick and hard in a snap of the finger.  I breathed in deeply, not wanting to break this magical moment, but desires to please her fueled me.  Gently taking hold of the sheet, I quietly pulled down, revealing her glorious ass.

Her panties were black and lacy.  My heart started racing as I stared down, admiring her cheeks protruding out of the panties.  I leaned down and kissed her left cheek.  Then her right as she stirred and groaned with the growing awareness my kisses.  She moaned as I caressed her.  I massaged her ass, savored the feeling.  The warmth of her skin, and the perfectly curved tone.  So smooth and soft to the touch.

I kissed her some more, alternating back and forth.  As I playfully bit her, she gasped and giggled, craving more attention as her arousal grew.  I moved my hands up to her waist, and slowly tugged down her panties.  She arched up and I slowly moved them down her ass and legs before pulling them completely off.  For a moment, I held them up to my face, inhaling her essence before tossing them to the side without further ceremony.

I massaged her more, spreading her cheeks apart to admire her ass and pussy.  I surged with lust yet wanted to make this moment last a bit longer.  I teased her with my finger, lightly tracing a path along her cheeks and down to her ass.  She moaned softly when I ran a finger along her wet lips.  She writhed as I rubbed harder, playing with her ass with my free thumb.  Moaning louder as I built upon the intensity.

A growing wetness coated my fingers.  I admired the light glistening off them before I sucked them clean.  I slid two of my fingers inside her pussy again, quickly finger-fucking her hard as she moaned, her muscles twitching with growing tension.  My fingers were a blur, and her cried mixed in with the audible wet slurping sounds.  Her breathing escalating.  The moans longer and growing in intensity.

Knuckles white from clasping fistfuls of sheets, she approached her climax.  I rubbed her lips harder.  She was so close.  Her muscles tightened as she let out along intense cry.  The bed shook from her intense convulsions.  I didn’t stop until I felt her relax and slowed down.  My saturated fingers tasted exquisite.  Of course, I kissed her ass once again for good measure.

When she rolled onto her back, playing with herself as her legs were spread so wide. We shared a smile when our eyes met.  I pulled off my boxers.  Things were just getting started. bed

A Taste of Beauty

My eyes roamed over her body, following her curves and lingering on her magnificent boobs.  I studied her, memorized the beauty before me.  When she reached down to rub herself, I felt a surge of passion within.  My cock pulsed, pushing against my boxers.  She smiled, looking at my obvious state of arousal.

She was a goddess, curved to perfection.  She spread her legs wide as she rubbed harder.  I listened to the sounds of the wetness amid her elevated moans.  She wore her black stockings with her favorite lacy red and black garter.  No panties in sight.

She was sophisticated and classy.  She could hold court in the executive wing at any corporation, and in the bedroom her sexual energy insatiable.  Smart and sexy, the best combination.  I watched, rubbing my erection as she rubbed, the light glistening from her wet lips.

I yearned to slide my tongue over her lips, tasting her, feeling the warmth.  I licked my lips as I climbed up on the bed, gazing into her eyes.  My hands slid over her legs.  As I licked and kissed along her inner thigh, I felt her muscles twitch.  A pang of excitement washed over me, and I throbbed.

She ran her hands through my hair, pulling me closer, and I let her guide me in.  When I kissed her pussy, flicking my tongue over her clit and lips, she gasped.  I slide my tongue along her lips, tracing a patch around the perimeter, each lap stopping to flick over her clit.  I kissed and sucked on her, pulling with my lips as I pulled back, releasing her with an audible smack, seemingly lost in her moans.

I focused on her breathing as I gently flicked over her clit, increasing the pressure every few seconds.  Her moans and cries were music, and I buried my face firmly down.  The sensation of her wetness coating my face is always such a beautiful moment.  When I paused, looking up into her eyes, her warmth upon my face brought a smile to my face.  I closed my eyes, simply savoring the feeling, listening to her rapid breathing.

She yelped in surprise as my finger penetrated her.  I loved the feeling of her wetness, and she was so tight.  I slid in a second finger, and developed a steady finger fucking rhythm.  She twitched as I also slid my thumb along her clit with every simulated thrust.  She moaned louder, and I increased the rhythm.  I knew she was close, and I intensified my efforts.

I inserted my fingers fully inside, kissing her clit hard as I massaged her with my tongue.  Curling my fingers towards the front, I found her sweet spot.  She stiffened and screamed as I rubbed with my fingers and tongue, building the intensity.  She convulsed, loosing control.  Muscles stiffening and twitching.

She released.  I felt the surge throughout her body, as I kept my face so close.  The torrent of her climax cascaded upon my face, feeling so warm and sticky.  Throughout, she kept her hands on my head, pulling me closer as she continued to arch her back.  She quivered and trembled from the powerful orgasm.

I kissed for a while longer as her breathing slowed.  I sat up, admiring her spent body, splayed out before me.  I ran my finger along my face, feeling the remnants of her orgasm, and smiled.  This was indeed a beautiful moment.

The Anticipation


There are few sights that take my breath away.  Sights that astound and awe that cause the sparks of passion rage.

Sally teased me all day at work, sending me erotic messages, trying to distract me.  At one point, she knew I was in a meeting, but sent more revealing images.  The teasing of a picture of her panties, her wet panties as she played, and finally her sweet wet lips.  I grew hard, unable to stand for a long time.  The meeting agenda was long forgotten, and my productivity decreased.

All day, I concentrated on keeping my growing erection under some semblance of control.  But I admit, I had to rub myself a bit while sitting at my desk.  Willing to take the chance that I wouldn’t be called somewhere.  Letting myself go, hardening with the thought of tasting her.  Thoughts of her flowing black hair, and curvaceous body always sent waves of desires through me.  Her ass is perfection, and her pussy is divine.

These kinds of days are long.  Time slows, and minutes seem like hours, and hours seem like days.  Counting the time until I hit the road may as well be infinite.  My frustration grew, along with my cock, but the rubbing took the edge off, slightly.  Thinking of the sweet taste and climax to come soothed my soul and gave me barely enough patience to make it through.  And thoughts of the fucking to come, I almost had to step into the private bath to release.

A lifetime passed before I got to her place.  I instantly headed into the bedroom, and paused at the door as I saw her laying on the bed.  Sally wore my bra and panties, showing off her legs.  The classy garter belt, black stockings, and “fuck me” heels completed the package.  My lust raged.

Our eyes met, as she continued rubbing herself.  My mouth watered, I longed for her taste and to feel her wetness.  Sally teased me, licking along her luscious red lips, spreading her legs slowly.  Words escaped me.

I crept up to the bed, gazing into her big brown eyes, which added to the intimacy.  I sat on the edge, resting my hand upon her stomach as we kissed, as I moved up to caress her boobs.  Our lips met, sharing a long, tender kiss.  Our tongues danced as the kisses grew longer and deeper.

I stood, moving to the foot of the bed, admiring the beautiful moment.  The red thongs were beyond words, and the stockings added so much class and sophistication.  I climbed onto the bed, taking hold of each of her knees, spreading them further.  I kissed my way down her stocking covered thighs.

The crimson spot on her panties grew as Sally rubbed and played harder.  I lingered over her smooth skin as I inched closer.  Taking in a deep breath, I savored her arousal.  I sensed the wetness, and the heat emanating from her wet pussy.  I licked along the panties, savoring each taste.  Closing my eyes, I buried my face in between as she ran her hands through my hair.

I reached up, caressing her hips and abs as I kissed.   Gently, I pulled the panties aside and lapped along her lips.  She gasped as I flicked the tip over her clit and when I lick her lips.  I pressed my face down harder, sliding my tongue inside, feeling the warm wetness begin to cover me.  Sally moaned loudly as I increased the intensity.

Sucking her clit, I pulled my face slowly away before releasing with a smack.  I kissed hard, running my tongue over her, and sucking, then repeating the process.  Sally moaned louder, seemingly with every passing breath.

Sally opened her eyes as I pulled away, her wetness coating my face.  She reached down, disconnecting the garter straps and arched up so I could remove her saturated thongs.  I held them to my face, savoring the sweet aroma and the wetness, and unceremoniously tossed them off to the side.

I slid a finger inside.  Sally clasped around me as I slid in a second finger.  She writhed as I began to finger-fuck,  I hit the sweet spot as I curled them around.  I pressed my fingers down, massaging from the inside with short, swift movements of my fingertips.  She was on the edge, crying out louder.  The orgasm was close.

I finger-fucked faster and leaned in closer to lick and suck her lips and clit.  Her cries were like a beautiful song of ecstasy.  A perfect moment.  I felt her muscles contract as she arched her back.  I pulled out my fingers, continued to flick my tongue over her clit as she released.

The torrent of the orgasm exploded over me.  I closed my eyes, willing the cascade to never end.  But I continued to kiss and lick Sally’s throbbing pussy until the climax abated.  Her legs trembled as she relaxed.  I pulled away, smiling through my wrecked face.  The feeling was intoxicating.  The intimacy was astounding, especially as I felt the orgasm covering me.

As Sally rested, I gazed upon her quivering mass of beauty and sexiness.  This was a perfect moment.



Kisses of Passion


Sparks fly when as we kiss.  Passion surged within me as I take you in my arms, our lips interlocked.  Our shared intensity was afire, and our bodies melted into one.

I love the feel of your naked body pressing into me.  The warmth of your smooth skin feels so good.  We kiss harder and our lips meet for longer periods of time.  I run my hand through your hair as I look into your eyes.  You lick your lips and smile sweetly.  I can tell by the look in your eyes, it’s time.

We hold hands as we move towards the bedroom.  I feel my heart flutter with anticipation as you stop at the foot of the bed.  I step behind you, admiring you, as my mind fills with such wonderful thoughts.  Your body arouses.  You’re so sexy and beautiful, as words escape my ability to describe.  Before you can climb onto the bed, I wrap my arms around you, kissing your neck.  My breath caresses your neck as I kiss and nibble towards your ear.

My arms are strong, and hold you tight.  I love how you lean back towards me, holding my arms as you tilt your head to give me more access.  My hands explore, caressing and teasing you.  We are one sensual being.  Our passion rages and consumes us.

The Urge

I thought about it all day, the feeling of your body as I fucked you from behind.  Feeling your ass slap against me as I pound, and I thought of your tightness grasping me as I plunge deep within.  I hold it fully inside, savoring the feeling as you tighten around me.

Your sexiness and beauty fuels my lust.  I can sense you, closing my eyes and losing myself in the thought.  I text you and tell you to be ready when I get home from work.

I walk in the door and without a word, I press you up against the wall, kissing with intensity you are  breathless.  I pull off your top and massage your boobs.  I tease and pinch your sensitive nipples as I slowly descend.  Pausing to lick and kiss each of your nipples, I kneel down and without hesitation, pull down your pants and panties.

I lick up and down your wet lips, sliding my tongue around your clit and slipping it inside.  I love the feel of your hands running over my head, pulling me in closer.  Wetness coats my lips as I get you off.  Your legs tremble as I pleasure.

After lusting all day, I need to fuck you hard.  I stand up, and turn you around.  Your hands clasp against the wall as I push inside you.  Holding your hips tight, I waste little time and start fucking.

Pounding you hard, I don’t let up.  I have to get off.  The drive has been building all day.  Later I’ll take care of you, but I have to get off right now.  I sense you climax from my intense, animalistic drive.  You tense and tighten around me as you release.  I keep fucking and pounding, pressing you up against the wall as I get close.

I convulse and spasm, and you sense my muscles tightening as I pull out.  You kneel and stroke, awaiting my load.  I look down upon your beautiful, big eyes, and feel the load explode over your waiting face and mouth.  The long buildup throughout the day fuels the explosion of cum.  Large jets spurt over your face and mouth.  I cum hard, looking down as you receive all of my load.  You are messy and glorious.  Cum covers your face and hair, and you radiate beauty.  You suck me as I wind down finishing my climax with your talented tongue.

I take hold of your hands, helping you back onto your trembling legs as I look into your eyes.  I kiss your covered lips and lick my around your covered face.  You always look like a cum goddess when taking my load.  Licking my cum around my face, I kiss you over and over.  We’re coated and covered, and laugh as we head to the shower.

The Goddess

She was a goddess in flowing black hair.  Her gaze held me in place as my heart raced.  The surges of passion throbbed as she approached, standing slowly from should have been her throne of crystal.  It was but a dream, blurred with faded color.  Time was slowed as I gazed upon her eyes.  When she ran her tongue around her full, red lips, my knees trembled.

She stepped close, and I could sense the warmth of her body.  The wonderful blue flowery blouse struggled to contain those magnificent boobs, and she only wore red thongs below.  I licked my lick and as I reached out, she took my hand, pulling it close.  I slide my hand inside, relishing in the sensation of her warmth and softness.

Big, beautiful eyes beckoned to me.  Our lips met as she leaned into me, kissing with such softness and tenderness.  The passion escalated and we pressed against each other, with tongues intertwined.  The rhythm of our breathing was in sync, and quickening.

The goddess rose her arms, as I removed her blouse and bra.  I cupped her magnificence and licked across her nipples.  Playfully biting in between the licking and caressing.  She reached down to take hold of my hardness, softly caressing with her talented fingers, tugging me forward as she strutted to the large, which chair in the room.

She reached down, pressing her hands onto the chair seat and leaned down.  My eyes were drawn to her panties, and I studied her body.  I memorized all her curves and lines, committing them to memory.  I approached with a racing heart, descending to my knees to worship.

I held out each of my hands, taking hold of her ass, savoring the feel of her muscles.  Using my fingers, I massaged and caressed as she began to sing to me her soft moans.  I looked upon her ass and lips, and admired her ass and legs.

I kissed her left side, then her right.  I massaged and the lightness of my fingers teased.  A finger slipped under the thong, sliding along her ass and lips.  The wetness was so hot and exciting, and slid my finger around her lips.  She sang louder as she slowly gyrated and swayed, the moans filling my ears, the sweet music of ecstasy.

Leaning forward, I gently pulled down her thongs, revealing her perfection.  The beauty of a goddess was before me, and I would treat her as my queen.

The Wetness

When you spread your legs, my mouth waters. Looking into your lips, so wet and sexy, I imagine licking and tasting you.

After sitting on the chair facing the bed, I simply watch you play with yourself. You lay your head back and close your eyes as I tell you how sexy you are. My eyes move about your body, studying your curves. You rub yourself faster, sliding in a finger as you masturbate before me. The sounds of your wetness are so clear and arousing. I slowly stroke myself and talk to you. I want my voice to get you off.

I love how you moan loudly as you get off. Your muscles twitch and jerk as you approach your climax. I tell you I want to lick and kiss my way around your body. I tell you that I want to fuck you from behind, cupping your magnificent boobs in my hands as I pound harder. Cumming so hard as we collapse, spent and sated.

You scream, and release. I see your muscles spasm as you convulse in the sweet ecstasy of an orgasm. As you relax, your legs are spread wide and you are a vision of such beauty, and love how the light gleams off your wet pussy. I’m so hard and aroused. The surges of passion are building within me, and it’s time to participate.

I get down onto my knees atop the bed and lean down to kiss your boobs. I move my hand down between your legs. I rub my fingers around your lips, massaging and stimulating you further. Sliding in two fingers, feeling your tight muscles clasp around me.

You lay on your back, legs spread wide and I gaze down at you. You play with yourself, craving my tongue. Holding your knees with each hand, I spread your legs further apart and begin to move down. Teasing my way closer, I kiss and lick along your thighs, savoring the wet sounds from your playing.

I get closer, and you feel the heat of my breath gently caressing your pussy. Your hands take hold of my head and pull me in all the way. The wetness feels tremendous. You’re so warm and sticky, as I begin to suck on your lips. I lap my tongue around you, swirling it over your clit. When I suck on your clit, you gasp and start moaning louder. I slide my tongue fully inside you, moving it up and down and around.

The buildup of your wetness on my face feels amazing. I get in so close, and bury my face between your legs. My hands explore, moving over your stomach to your boobs, then wrapping around your legs. The feel of your legs wrapping around my head fuels my lust and desires further.

As my finger explore within, curling around to hit your sweet spot, you cum. Your legs twitch and jerk as I feel your wetness coating my face. After I finish, I sit up, feeling the essence of your orgasm covering me. I look into your eyes and see the hunger in your eyes and lean forward so we can kiss.

The hardness throbs between my legs, it’s time for your fucking…